Question & Answer

OnTime:  2013-01-04 23:41:50

Q: Does your payment security ?

A: Your payment will be by third party company, the company has passed certification, absolute security.

Q: How long my point will arrive at my account? How long my points will be increased?

A: According to different payment methods, has different speed. The fastest can immediately to the your account , your points will increas soon.

Q: How many movies can be downloaded?

A: Because we are the new site, temporarily is not much, but we will release 30-40 movies everyday, and we can according to your suggestions to increase the new kind of movie.

Q: How many points I need pay, how to distinguish?

A: Every movies has different points required, you can check it in the content of the movies.

Q: How to download?

A: You can use the browser or multi-threaded downloading tool ( IDM, FlashGet, Thunder) and other methods to download.

Q: Different in various way to download?

A: You don't need other tools can be downloaded with browser. But it's very slow and can't support breakpoint continuingly. If your computer down or your network broken when you downloading, you may need to re-download all.

  Multithreaded download has very nice speed, support breakpoint continuingly. But you need to download other download tools.

Q: Can i download with unlimited times?

A: We will give you 3 times credits to download, so you can download 3 times, 3 times after when you need to pay again.(Tip: Download link active in 3 days)

Q: Why limit download times?

A: We use the download high performance server with 1000M bandwidth. While the server bandwidth is very good, but in order to give our members more quality download speed, for the same movie repeated download is waste server bandwidth, we do not like it.

Q: You has limit download speed?

A: We don't limit any member download speed, in general you can reach your maximum speed, but if your internet network is instability, you can reach your maximum speed.